Surrey-based artist Lucie Flynn uses combinations of acrylic, spray paint, ink and collage and to build her lyrical compositions.  Employing a bright, sometimes clashing palette with bold sweeps and splatters, her paintings are layered investigations of chance, colour and form.

Flynn's early work in textiles and screen printing paved the way for a series of large-scale monochrome ink and pencil drawings in the early 2000s, made while she was living and working in East London and working in Damien Hirst's studio. Since then she has focused on testing the possibilities of paint: layers pulse and crackle on the canvas surface, while washes transform sections of colour, creating unusual areas of fluidity.

While recent series have seen her play with abstraction and the aesthetic of the artist studio, much of Flynn's work teases at loose figurative forms bearing witness to one of her key influences, Marlene Dumas.


Lucie Flynn is represented by Zebra One Gallery in London and Stella Dore Gallery in St.Leonards. Online the artist works with Landmark Street Art. 


Please contact for commissions and enquiries.