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Lucie Flynn is a contemporary artist who has moved into creating large scale paintings on the streets, her work is instantly recognisable and stands out loud and proud - be it on a gallery wall or the streets of East London. Nothing comes close to her dynamic style and the path in which she practices her form.  Using combinations of spray paint, acrylic, inks and collage Flynn builds bright, clashing palettes with bold sweeps and splatters, layers of paint pulse and crackle.

Lucie continues to push the boundaries of what is expected of a gallery artist - mixing things up with her urban style that is undeniably unique and would be hard to compare.


      "Within Lucie Flynn Studio I specialise in creating vibrant, innovative, and thought-provoking artworks which are deeply rooted in the idea of leaving behind a strong message to inspire viewers. I strongly believe in collaboration, and am always looking for exciting new projects to be a part of with a passion for pushing boundaries and creating art that will engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression".

Private commissions are accepted for large scale murals and personalised canvases to suit your interiors - please contact the artists via the links below for all enquires. 


Press coverage includes The Telegraph ~ Stella magazine, GQ, Vogue, Living Etc, BBC South East News, to name just a few. 





Zebra One Gallery Dec 2017 Group Show in Mayfair. London 

Zebra One Gallery March 2018 Group celebrating International Women’ Day, Hampstead. London

Landmark Street Art April 2018 Interview and Feature for online Gallery, Carlisle 

Herrick Gallery Mayfair June 2018 ‘Art Below’ Billboard on the London Underground alongside a group show for Mayfair Arts Weekend 

Stella Dore Gallery Sept 2018 Opening Group Show, St Leonards 

Stella Dore Gallery Dec 2018 ‘Notivity’ Christmas Group Show - Featured Artist and mural inside the Gallery, interviewed for the BBC News 

Stella Dore Gallery March 2019 Women of Mass Destruction - group show International Women’s Day, St Leonards

Art on a Postcard Paddle 8 July 2019 Group Show and online Auction

Zebra One Gallery at One Ashbourne August 2019 Artwork for the interior of restaurant. London

Stella Dore Gallery Sept 2019 Gone Coastal Summer Group Show, St Leonards


Stella Dore Gallery Dec 2019 Christmas Group Show, St Leonards 

Jealous Gallery March 2020 ‘UP’ Our Types Group Show in association with The Big Issue, Shoreditch. London

Zebra One Gallery April 2020 Auction raising funds for NHS Charities Together. London

Hastings Support Our NHS May 2020 Auction raising funds for essential PPE and transport for healthcare workers 

Oakland Gallery Sept 2020 ‘Together’ Our Types Group Show. Liverpool 

Zebra One Gallery March 2021 International Women’s Day Group Show. London

Fulham Town Hall May 2021 ‘Art in the Age of Now’ Mural, Fulham. London 

Gallery 46 Whitechapel June 2021 ‘YES’ with Our Types collab collection with Ben Eine. London

Hoxton Gallery October 2021 ‘International Paste Up Festival’ Shoreditch. London 

Ramsgaste Art Barge December 2021 - Charity Auction. Kent

Kolly Gallery December 2021 collab paintings with Ben Eine, Zurich. Switzerland

Union Club March 2022 ‘Be An Exceptional Woman’ Soho, London - solo show

Oakland Gallery March 2022 ‘She Her Hers’ Group Female Show for International Womens Day. Liverpool

Kolly Gallery March 2022 ‘Love At First Sight’ Group show, Zurich. Switzerland 

Art Car Boot Fair April 2022 Annual Fair of Artists selling directly to the public, King Cross. London


Union Club May 2022 Artist Q+A -Hosted by Cedar Lewisohn, Soho, London

Koppel Gallery June 2022 ‘One Planet One Change’ Group Show, Mayfair. London

Kolly Gallery June 2022 ‘Love at First Sight’ Collab canvases with Ben Eine, Geneva Switzerland

Art on a Postcard June 2022 - online charity aution

CT20 Gallery June 2022 ‘Colourville’ Group Show supporting the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis, Folkestone

Schaefer Grafik August 2022 Hand carved woodblock print limited edition, Copenhagen. Denmark 

Tsudaya September 2022 ‘PLAY’ group show, Osaka, Japan

Our Types October 2022 Skateboard show, South East Coast, UK

Blackbook Gallery October 2022 Group Show, Denver, USA

Happy Skate November 2022 Installation Artworks and Mural, Folkstone, Kent - solo show 

East Art Gallery  December 2022 ‘Just Be Nice’ fundraising for The Big Issue, Hackney Wick. London

Female Invest December 2022 ‘Paintings & The Patriarchy’, Old Street. London 

Aunt Joy Gallery March 2023 ‘Girls Like Us’ Virtual Exhibition for IWD

East Art Gallery March 2023 ‘KINK’ Hackney Wick. London

1 Mare Street July 2023 Entwined show and mural with Ben Eine, Hackney. London

BSMT Space November 2023 Interpreting Nostalgia Group Show, Hackney. London 

1 Mare Street December 2023 12 Days of Christmas Group Show, Hackney. London 

Lucie Flynn Bio Pic.jpg
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Living Etc Magazine Jan 2017 Featured Artist in Hampstead muse Townhouse. London

Studio Knot  April 2019 Collab with artisan rug company to design a collection of unique designs

Outside the Zone Sept 2019 Billboard Art Project, Shoreditch. London

Expedia HQ March 2020 Private commission for a mural and interiors for the Head Quarters, Islington. London 

Landmark Street Art Sept 2020 Large scale street art piece in Carlisle

Rebel Cap Launch July 2021 Collab with the illustrator Sophie Ward producing a range of accessories

Jealous Gallery July 2021 ‘White Stripe’ Hybrid Print Launch, Shoreditch. London

Ceramic Sept 2021 ‘SneelKat’ Mural, Stoke Newington. London 

Seventies Distro October 2021 Mural collab with Ben Eine and Nerone for BMX brand, Hastings

Shoreditch Art Map December 2021 Artwork used for Street Art Directory in East London

E1 Brew Company February 2022 Large scale Shutter Mural, Shoredtitch. London

108 Brick Lane May 2022 - Shutter Mural. London

Red Kite June 2022 - NFT artwork launch


Whitecross Street Party July 2022 Mural collab with Ben Eine, Old Street. London

East Art Fair May 2023 Spitalifields, London

MM Blog May 2023 - my first blog published on the Mothers Meetings forum

Cermanic May 2023 Large Scale Interior Mural. London

Enter Gallery June 2023 Art Yard Sale, Brighton

1 Mare Street July 2023 Large Scale Mural combining artwork with Ben Eine, Hackney. London


Art Car Boot Art Goes Pop King Cross. London - showcasing my Live Nude Paintings 

Protect My Energy November 2023 T-Shirt launch 

The Dragon Bar 1998-2008 Book Launch featured artist/contributor Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch. London 

Lucie Flynn Bio Pic.jpg
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